The Best Compass In Life

There are often times in our lives where we start to feel lost, disconnected and confused.

In life, there are so many questions to be answered. So many in fact, you can’t possibly hope to answer them all within your lifetime.

There are so many paths to follow and so many decisions to make. It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos. Running through every possible scenario until you go crazy. Becoming paralysed with choices,

It’s easy to get sucked into that feeling of confusion and overwhelm and just stay stuck. 

It’s easy to forget the one compass we can all turn to and use at any time. The one tool we can use that will never fail us because it reflects us on the deepest possible level. We probably forget it’s there because so many of us never connect in with it or take the time to fine tune it and feel into it. 

That compass is our happiness. Our pleasure. Our joy!

Recently I’ve been feeling disconnected and overwhelmed with all the choices available to me in life right now (a great problem to have I know). It caused me to become stuck and I felt like I was running in a thousand circles, going nowhere fast.

As soon as I took a step back and focused on what makes me happy, everything began to feel brighter and clearer. 

I treated myself to the things that make me happiest. A trip to Paris, new clothes, quality time with the ones I love, more red win and champagne at lunchtime.

As soon as I tapped back into my pleasure and joy, the road ahead became clearer. I remembered to follow happiness as my compass. Which choice felt the best? I took the decision away from my head.

It has taken me YEARS to work on my guilt and uncomfortableness around feeling happy and doing only what I love. I’m still working on it. Yet, whenever I’m feeling lost or overwhelmed I just plug back into what gives me pleasure and it never lets me down. I use my feelings to guide me when my head just won’t slow down to help me out. 

For me, a well-lived life is one where I spend as little time as possible doing the things I don’t enjoy and the maximum amount of time doing what I love. 

That’s why I know it will always be the best compass to get back to myself and start afresh when things feel confusing or overwhelmed, or when I don’t know the best direction to move in. I know that when I focus on my happiness, everything will fall into place and I will be serving myself and others at the highest possible level. 

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