Why You’re Not Ready For The Next Level

What I see a lot of with the woman I mentor and coach is that they are sending out mixed messages. They come to me wanting to grow, expand and smash new levels yet they are not doing everything within their power to prepare for these new levels. What do I mean by this?

Well, it’s the client who says she wants a full-time income from her new business but does her accounts on a scrap of paper. It’s the woman who says she wants a global business but hasn’t even yet worked out how to register as self-employed in her own country.

Not doing these small things makes moving to the next level very difficult. When you prepare everything around you for the next level then all is left is for yourself to catch up. That makes the process run more quickly and much more smoothly.

I always knew that I had to create a space to grow into. I was registered self-employed before I was making any significant money. I was saving for tax even when I was just making a little bit of money here and there. I was learning about the things I knew I’d need to know about once I up-leveled myself. I focused on becoming a great leader before I even had many people to lead. I invested in a virtual assistant before I really needed one and I invested thousands in coaches who would challenge me to grow and step up.

I took the photo above of Venice Beach back in September last year. LA really is one of the greatest places to visit so I recommend you put it on your bucket list. I went to hang out for two weeks with other women in business, learn from inspirational leaders and up-skill myself. Was I ready when I booked it? Hell no. But I booked it anyway because the trip gave me that space I needed to grow and expand toward the woman I am ever-evolving into.

You are responsible for making your journey as smooth as possible and limiting your self-sabotage.

So where is your disconnect right now? What are you putting off or not doing that is actually stunting your evolution into the woman you want to be?

It helps to visualise forward to where you want to be in 2-3 years time, or even 12 months time. What will have changed? What can you do right now to facilitate and encourage those changes?

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