Having A Purpose Nearly Ruined My Life

If you are already in the world of entrepreneurship or if you’ve been sniffing around in the hopes of getting some inspiration to launch your own business…then you have probably come across the concept of ‘finding your purpose.’

Your calling.

Your gift.

That one thing that only you can provide.

Your niche.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a hot topic right now.

A small percentage of women know their purpose from a young age. “I want to be a doctor/lawyer/vet/journalist.” When they reach their destination, it’s just as awesome and fulfilling as they hoped it would be. We call these women…rare as fuck.

More women find that through some decent self-reflection, coaching and a (slight) obsession with free workbooks, they can hone in on their purpose. Or at least shave it down to something that has sense and meaning for them.

Or…you could be like me…and fall down a rabbit hole so terrifying that it’s hard to climb out.

WHAT?! There’s a dark side to finding your purpose?

Hell yes.

I became, quite literally, obsessed with finding my purpose. It more or less swallowed an entire year of my life. I became this one dimensional person who was only concerned with finding her true calling, at the expense of most other things in my life.

I searched, I read, I wrote, I asked…and still…nothing.

I drove myself insane.

Like most rabbit holes, I wasn’t able to climb out by myself. Outside forces literally kicked me out of it, throwing in a particularly painful landing back into the real world.

Like some kind of bizarre, invisible intervention, I began to realise with horror that I had wasted precious time on this planet chasing something that I might never find.

It inspired me to write this post to help other women that may be in that very same rabbit hole right now.

I’ve come to realise that in fact, I have multiple purposes and callings. The multi-faceted, complex and perplexing combination of molecules that has somehow fitted itself together as me…cannot be contained in a ‘niche.’

I’ve never been very good at fitting into a box…and I’m not sure why I tried to start now.

Please, do not panic if you haven’t found your purpose. You might have many purposes. You might have many roads you can take that would bring you happiness, meaning and fulfilment.

By all means, dedicate an hour or so a week to exploring what these could be, or even if they could be whittled down into one thing…but do not let this never-ending search take over your life.

Instead…just take action. Move forward. Trust me, the only real way to find your purpose(s) is by doing. Finding out what you love, what you like…and what you don’t like.

Maybe you’re a Multi-Potentialite just like me. If you haven’t yet come across this term then you have to absolutely watch this Ted Talk. I can hugely recommend reading anything by Emilie Wapnick. Her website can be accessed here and you can get her awesome book by clicking here.

You don’t have to fit into a box. Embrace the craziness that is you and all your callings on this earth.

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