The Money Mind-Fuck

You may come to realise that many of my posts are just sheer musings or thoughts I have to get out of my head and onto paper…it’s a cathartic process for myself (selfish) but I also hope that it might give others some clarity (not-selfish).

Notice how I’m striking the ever sought after #balance there?

Anyway, I had an email today from a huge coaching organisation. I won’t name names…because that’s not what this is about. As far as I understand, their target audience is coaches and they provide training/support/courses etc. I actually completed a fantastic course on personal branding from them…so I’m in no way knocking them. What did strike me was the content in their email…I guess it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The straw is now a blog post.

The email asked us to identify what ‘stage’ of coaching we are at. It said that the easiest way to approach this was to check it against our level of income.

There it goes again…this unusual marriage between coaching and income…which has always made me feel so uncomfortable.

Now I am a business coach, but I do not coach…other business coaches. That’s a personal choice. However, I do have lots of very good friends who are also business coaches, or coaches in life, health, wealth and so on.

I believe that this huge pressure that exists currently around coaching and income is having a hugely negative impact on the industry.

It’s that concept that if you aren’t earning $20k a month then you’re basically failing at being an online coach.

It’s the unbalanced focus on income as a brand new coach, when all you should be worrying about as a starting coach is…getting your clients results.

If you are phenomenal at what you do, and you get people results, you will make a fantastic income…end of. Especially, if you are a business coach.

What’s more…your business and income will far outlast any current ‘trends’ or the online world itself. Powerful.

If a business invests $5k in you, and you give them the tools, mindset and skills to create $20k…then you are a solid return on investment. Have no doubt about that.

The constant marketing of the message “how to make $10k a day as an online coach” and this relentless pressure on coaches to focus on making as much money as possible when starting out is detrimental to the client firstly, and the industry secondly.

Coaches – focus on your art. Get SHIT HOT at what you do. Create results for your clients. Trust me, the money will come.

On the flip-side, if you focus on the money…and you don’t get your clients results then I’m sorry to say…the money will quickly disappear.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m aaaaalllll for financial abundance and making the $$$…but you know what matters the most? Getting my clients results.


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