Does Success = Struggle?

I’ve been wanting to write about this for ages. Mainly in the hopes of helping others but also I guess as a kind of cathartic exercise…to get my thoughts out onto paper in the hope it will finalise the clarity I (hope) I’ve finally got.

My whole life I have been someone who is easily swayed. Oh…believe me, I had my opinion on other things…but other peoples were always more important or valid than mine.

I would always let the other person back me into a corner and ‘convince’ me that their way, opinion or beliefs were correct…and that mine were wrong.

My obsession with personal development books over the last few years has become a blessing and a curse. As much as I was learning all these amazing new ideas and concepts, I began to constantly question everything.

I have always been an over-thinker. WAIT. I know right now, just this second you said to yourself “oh God me too.” Well, have you ever spent three hours in a supermarket on New Years Eve because you couldn’t decide whether to buy in some food and drink for a night in alone or go to a party? No? Okay…at least one thing you can get from reading this is knowing that your tendency to overthink isn’t that bad 😂

Where were we? Oh yeah. So, I’ve always been an over thinker. It’s as humorous as it is tragic really BUT as I progressed along my journey as a female entrepreneur I began to overthink even more.

One of the questions I tend to spend hours pondering is…”do you have to do things you hate to be successful?” If you’re as well versed in motivational videos on YouTube I am then you’ll know there are pretty much two schools of thought.

  • You can be successful by pursuing your purpose and passion. It is is possible to follow your bliss and make money at the same time.
  • You must struggle to be successful, you must do things you hate but it’s ok! Because on the other-side is greatness.

So then I started to worry…will I have to do things I hate to earn the income I want?

This has become particularly relevant to me because in the past 12 months I’ve started to realise that there are definitely parts of my business I do not enjoy. They drain me, and do not fill me up.

I started to worry that I would need to do these in order to continue to be successful.

I have had a nice game of ping pong about this topic in my head for months and as a Taurus…of course it took me quite a while to come to any sort of decision!

The first decision I came to was that this question is probably something I can only answer myself. Seeking the answers for others will only confuse me more because people will always have their own opinions.

I began to think about what I was really willing to sacrifice…and doing things that drain me, bring me zero joy and in fact…offend my natural personality…is not something I’m willing to do.

Yes, earning a great income and financial abundant to me. It’s important because it allows me to fill my cup through all the things that bring me joy, and it’s important because it allows me to reach down and help people who need it most. It allows me to travel and see the world in all it’s beauty.

However, I am not willing to spend my one life doing things I hate in the pursuit of success.

So…I’ve decided to make a new belief. Wanna hear it???

“My version of success and financial abundance is 100% possible through building a business that challenges me, but still brings me joy.”

I realise now that there’s a big difference between doing something you don’t want to do because it gets you out of your comfort zone, and doing something you really do not enjoy. You see, those part of my business that I do not enjoy…it’s not because I have a fear around them…it’s because I genuinely don’t like them!

If you look at something like public speaking for example…the day before I’m due to speak I think to myself “I hate this, I don’t want to do it, WHYYYYY am I doing this!” – but in fact I love it when I’m doing it! It’s because it pushes me out of my comfort zone that I have these thought processes. It never drains me, it excites me. It fills me up!

Anyway, I do hope this open rambling has in someway helped you. I’m still on the journey of learning to value my opinion and gut instinct above what others say.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Does Success = Struggle?

  1. The idea of struggle being part of the journey to success has been on my mind a lot lately and I think you summed it up really well. Like you, I’ve learned that there’s a difference between not wanting to do something out of fear of leaving my comfort zone and not wanting to do something out of pure dread. The latter is usually a sign that I just don’t enjoy doing something, period. As an example of fear, I tend to get super nervous about connecting with other entrepreneurs which, in my case, requires me to leave my comfort zone. But every time I do it, I never regret the experience. I think it’s a matter of discerning what parts of my business deserve my attention and what parts do not. Hopefully as my business grows, I’ll be able to sharpen this sense of awareness! 🙂

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  2. Hey! So glad you enjoyed my article and yep totally agree. There is a huge difference. One trick I learnt from Marie Forleo is to tune into how your body responds. If it physically withdraws inwards at the thought of something then it’s just a no-no. If your body opens up but it just makes you nervous/get out of your comfort zone then it’s something you have to push through.


    1. That makes a lot of sense. Sometimes I pay more attention to what I THINK I should be doing instead of what my body is saying. Physical response is important too! Thanks for the tip 🙂


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